Staycation At Shivas Gateway!

28 Jul
Staycation At Shivas Gateway!

Away from the Hustle bustle of the city!

That’s how we want our weekends to be!

We have our 9-5 job and we cannot wait for the weekend to come and give us something different to do rather than our regular job, somewhere different to be than our cubicles.

I had this perfect opportunity last weekend, to get some me time and relax. I have been invited to SHIVAS GATEWAY, where I spent my Friday night and Saturday as well.

First of all it’s too far from my house and then the rain that has been going on these days in Bangalore. All makes it little difficult to leave your cozy house, pack your bags and get ready to board a cab for 2 hours of journey. To make matter more difficult, the horrible Friday evening traffic.

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