7 Ways to Save Money on Hotels for Your Next Vacation

10 Mar
7 Ways to Save Money on Hotels for Your Next Vacation

When you are on traveling, we need to pretty careful that we forget about the budget and we overspend. Returning home with an empty wallet is the worse part. Paying too much for the accommodation can be one of the surefire ways to cross the budget limitations. If you are planning your vacation, including the airline tickets, then you need to concentrate more on the accommodation part. Before canceling your trip, you need to know that there are several ways to save money on hotels.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Whenever you choose metropolitan or cosmopolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai, make sure that you do not stay in the heart of the city and opt for hotels that are few miles away. If you aren’t familiar with the area, then it is always better to stay little far from the city.
Fortunately, if you are not familiar with the area, then you can visit the travel websites, read user blogs to find budget hotels. On the flip side, choosing a hotel far from the city can also result in higher transportation fares. You need to balance out in such a way that you don’t spend much on transportation fares and parking costs.


Based on the flexibility, you can consider the off-season. If you plan during the summer, you can cut down your hotel cost to 50% less, but you can choose air-conditioned resorts.

Revisit the Same Hotel

By revisiting the same hotel, you can score very good deals. If you visit the same place multiple times, you can become familiar with hotel management and can get your reservations by a phone call.

Reward Programs

The Majority of hotels these days have free rewards programs. For the initial sign ups, you can accrue points and you can earn some discounts. For every Rupee you spend, you will be receiving privilege points, which can be used for future stays. Consider a hotel that is affiliated to major credit card providers. You can receive points towards the hotel stay.

Watch Out for Coupons and Deals

There were several third party coupon websites, where you can save even more money on hotel booking. If you start exploring these websites, you can find rock-bottom prices for hotel pre-booking and resort packages. Download the apps provided by the third party websites, where you can see more offers and deals for app only users.

Always prefer calling Hotel Directly

After your research on the best budget hotel, consider calling the management directly for bookings. You can get a better deal than the deals available on the third party website.

Bottom Line

It will be a real hassle doing all the ground work, but prior planning can really payoff in the long run.

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